Landscape Trees

Looking for high quality in your nursery stock evergreen trees?  Korson's Tree Farms is the source for your worry-free trees.  Our name and reputation has been built on providing only top-notch trees.  We take pride in knowing our product is never second-rate.

Nursery stock trees available in specimen and regular grade for 2017 include (if you do not see a size or variety listed, please contact us as others may be available.  Park grades also available.):

  • Colorado Blue Spruce / Black Hill Spruce in sizes from 4' to 16'
  • Norway Spruce from 4' to 9'
  • Serbian Spruce from 4' to 9'
  • Douglas Fir from 5' to 14'
  • Concolor Fir from 5' to 14'
  • Fraser Fir from 5' to 12'
  • Austrian Pine from 4' to 12'
  • White Pine from 4' to 14'